Welcome to “Paint Another Picture,” a medical/educational filmed play series. Brenda is the playwright and producer of this series. She also directs the plays along with her technical director Joe Chateauneuf. The series was named “Paint Another Picture” because if something is not working, just paint another picture.

Each episode includes an introduction, the stage reading, a discussion with a health care professional, and a poem. The series is filmed at Concord TV, Concord NH.  An episode on environmental health,  chronic pain and PTSD are now available for viewing.

Schoolhouse Players, in collaboration with the Women’s Club of Concord, NH, is producing two episodes to promote mental health awareness. We believe in the importance of removing the stigma of mental illness. “Dance For My Mother” addresses depression and “The Gift of Insomnia” tackles PTSD and Trauma. See our Current Productions page for more details.