Written by Brenda Wilbert

My medical one-act plays are intended to educate the public to the healing and transformational benefits of expressive arts for a variety of illnesses, medical or psychological conditions. These plays are ideal for stage readings with discussions afterwards. Please contact Schoolhouse Players if you would like to host a stage reading or rent a play.

Available medical/educational plays with expressive arts:

Dancing on Paper

(26 pp.)
A sixty-five year old dancer develops Alzheimer’s disease and denies the symptoms. Will she dance again?

Sing Away Pain

(23 pp.)
A life coach in her forties is suffering from chronic pain after an injury. What old baggage is she carrying around?

It’s Not in My Head

(26 pp.)
An artist with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity perseveres despite being surrounded by people who believe her symptoms are all in her head.

A Maze of Indecision

(22 pp.)
A creative couple is determined to resolve their differences.

My Heart Sings Again

(24 pp.)
A nurse practitioner in her forties has a heart attack. Will she learn to love her heart and sing again?

Dance for My Mother

(21 pp.)
A dance teacher is depressed after a foot injury. Will she stop running from her feelings?

The following educational one-act plays deal with psychological transformation. They are also intended for stage readings with discussions afterwards.

The Gift of Insomnia

(32 pp.)
A woman suffering insomnia makes major discoveries.

Hijacked by Worries

(16 pp.)
A woman learns to accept her worries as part of her identity.

Internal Friends

(21 pp.)
Learning to love and appreciate different aspects of ourselves.

Too Compatible

(33 pp.)
A graphic designer who avoids conflict flips her lid with transformational results.

Not Enough Problems

(26 pp.)
A playwright no longer wants to write about dysfunctional characters much to the dismay of those around her.

Medical/Educational Plays without expressive arts.

Tick Talk

(21 pp.)
Despite a diagnosis to the contrary, a therapist knows she has Lyme disease.

A Canary’s Life

(18 pp.)
A woman in her mid-thirties with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity accepts her role as a canary bird in alerting others about toxic chemicals.

Blowing Smoke

(31 pp.)
A family is forced to deal with their neighbor’s wood-smoke.