Written By Charles Wilbert


maxwell-bodenheim-schoolhouse-players-historical-plays-concord-nhDancer on the Floor of Heaven

(90 pp.)
In a pre-dawn raid of a tenement house on the corner of a red-light district in Chicago, poet and novelist Maxwell Bodenheim seeks to rescue Peggy Grace, a young actor and ballet dancer, from her homicidal landlady.

robert-falcon-scott-schoolhouse-players-historical-plays-concord-nhIce Dreamers

(122 pp.)
While under the pressures of organizing his second expedition to Antarctica, highly self-disciplined Captain Robert Falcon Scott meets and falls in love with flirtatious, bohemian sculptor Kathleen Bruce, then finds himself competing with another male suitor who is equally determined to win Kathleen’s affections.

gertrude_stein_1935-schoolhouse-players-historical-plays-concord-nhTwo Suits in One Act

(40 pp.)
During her famous 1934-35 lecture tour of America, expatriate author Gertrude Stein makes an unscheduled stop at a fledgling business college in Manchester, NH, gives an off-the-cuff talk, and reveals far more than she ever intended.


(28 pp.)
To the jibes and jubilation of a quartet of hecklers gathered at the Concord, MA, depot, Henry David Thoreau stacks his wheelbarrow with hundreds of unsold copies of his first book with the intention of trundling them to Walden Pond for burial. But the author soon checks his act of desperation when stonemason George Dodd, “a man of certain New England probity and worth,” crosses his path and confesses his own unfolding tragedy.

The Only Remedy for Love

(111 pp.)

Henry David Thoreau and his older brother John frantically compete for the hand of seventeen-year-old Ellen Sewall in July 1839.

The Irish Situation

(66 pp.)

Henry David Thoreau sides with the Irish when Lorin Moody, a member of the Know- Nothing Party, arrives in Concord, MA, to persecute the dirt-poor Riordan family, recent immigrants from famine-stricken Ireland.

thornton-wilder-schoolhouse-players-historical-plays-concord-nhIn The Eyes of Wilder’s Sister

(44 pp.)
This play takes place on the stage of Broadway’s Morosco Theatre in September 1938. As dramatist Thornton Wilder rehearses his greeting to friends he expects later for a matinee performance of his Pulitzer Prize-winning “Our Town,” his estranged sister Charlotte storms into the theatre and accuses him of ruining her childhood.