Comedies and Dramas

Written by Charles Wilbert

Fitzgerald at Your Service

(44 pp.)
A New Hampshire playwright arrives at the Commodore Bar in St. Paul, MN, for the dress rehearsal of his one-person play about Judy Jones, a character in the the celebrated short story “Winter Dreams” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The playwright quickly discovers he must contend with a fiery Equity actress who claims to be Judy Jones to her core – and with a disturbingly literate bartender in the background who insists he is evolving into F. Scott Fitzgerald himself. Given the collision of these personalities, is a dress rehearsal even possible?

Two in Spain

(90 pp.)
A drama dealing with the audacious attempt of a cancer specialist to kill one of his patients, a self-proclaimed Juan Peron the Second, before the latter assumes dictatorial control of Argentina.

King of the West

(63 pp.)
A bittersweet comedy about the American singles scene. Romantic idolatry, infatuations, escapades, shattered dreams, and aching hearts are illumined under pink and lavender lights as Irving Berlin’s “Cheek to Cheek” plays on.


(119 pp.)
A drama about a spirited eighty-six-year-old welfare recipient, grinding bureaucracy, and the rights of individuals to live and die where they choose.

The Tricolored Roof

(90 pp.)
A comedy about two young brothers “stuck on a bare roof of a garage” after their hot-tempered carpenter father leaves them with orders to finish the roofing job by high noon “or else!” What to do when they discover the local lumber company has delivered a crazy-quilt variety of colored shingles instead of the requested all-black?

Written by Brenda Wilbert

The Cheerful Dentist

(35 pp.)
A dentist on the verge of retirement hires a singing associate.

Couple Seeks Extrovert

(41 pp.)
An introverted couple places an ad on Craigslist for an extroverted roommate.